Leadership is about inspiring, empowering and engaging others.   Leadership matters.  Harvard recently published research that found leaders can account for as much as 70% variance in employee engagement.  This is not surprising. Many of the key drivers of engagement, such as communicating a compelling vision, inspiring confidence, building trust and creating a positive culture are in the hands of leaders. The outcomes of leadership that engages employees are compelling.  In a global study comparing

How to Improve Leadership Performance

Posted by John Wadsworth on August 10, 2018
Category: Leadership
There is nothing more powerful than seeing your leadership through the lens of others. It is a scary process for many, but the insight it gives to areas to improve your leadership is worth it. Over 750 leaders and 6500 of their direct reports, peers and bosses have now used our SmartLeaders Apps 063 tool, a 360-degree feedback tool that allows leaders to look in the mirror (a good place to start). After this many,

Leadership is Personal

Posted by Dr. Geoff Lorigan on April 20, 2018
Category: Leadership
Leadership is Personal Chris Nassenstein (SLP 24), shared his experience of Millbrook, the impact and insights it gave him and what he is up to now. Chris has kindly given me permission to share his story…   “I have very good memories of that week, not only the individual courses and certainly the environment was awesome, but the sharing of experiences, the connections with other people, yes and the ceremonial parts as well. One of the many